Use Your Head Referencing

A 19th Century Approach to a 21st Century Problem

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“Traditional” referencing only tells you about the past - but what if you could know more about the future of your tenants?

What if you could get an insight into their personality?

What if you could do this online?

What if you could do this today?

How It Works

Step 1: Them

Tenants follow a simple link and upload their “selfies” to our system.

Step 2: Us

We then use our patented algorithms to perform a neo-phrenological analysis of the tenant.

Step 3: You

You use the report to see if they’re the kind of well-adjusted person you want in your property.



In layman’s terms, we use the selfie to create a model of the shape of the tenant’s skull and analyse this to determine if they have any degenerate or criminal tendencies.

Is that scientific?

Of course! There’s been research on “headbumps” for hundreds of years - plus we’re using computers now, so that’s bound to be better! Think of it as neuroscience, but inside out.

So you’re just using a selfie?

Of course not! For a second data point we also perform an astrological investigation of a tenant’s personality to double-check for any red flags. You can see how effective this is with our demo below.